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Ms. Lumpkin's professional career spans three decades serving as a public servant. She served as an Immigration Program Specialist, Passport Specialist, Intelligence Specialist, Management Analyst and U.S. Postal Carrier. With a proven record of professionalism, leadership and problem solving skills, Ms. Lumpkin has extensive experience working with federal and state agencies specializing in program management and administration.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Business Computer Applications Consulting

  • Ohio Department of Youth Services

  • United States Postal Service

  • United States Air Force

  • United States Army

Management Team

Ms. Kimberly Whitney 

Director of Administrative & General Mgt. Consulting Services

Ms. Felicia Johnson

Director of Facilities Support Services

Ms. Valerie Stevenson

Director of Conference & Meeting Management

Mr. Jonathan Moore

Director IT Solutions

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